Muhammad Rabbani Charged

    Rabbani was charged today (17/05/2017) with wilfully obstructing or seeking to frustrate a search examination under Schedule 7 when he was detained at Heathrow in November.

  • Protect your digital homes. Giving up your password is like giving up the key to the front door

    I believe that forcing someone to hand over the passwords to their electronic devices is a violation of their privacy, almost like a digital strip search. It means allowing the government access to your entire life, personal and professional.


    No one should be forced to undergo a digital strip search without a warrant


    It is also a violation of the privacy of others about whom you hold information. This is particularly true in my case, where I am protecting crucial information from a torture survivor. This information could lead to government officials being held accountable for their crimes.

    Here are three reasons why I am willing to risk prison:


    1. No one should sent to prison without reason, for refusing their password especially if they are not suspected of a crime.
    2. It can’t be right to be stopped so many times without reason.  This can only be harassment.
    3. Governments should not interfere in human rights defenders work who represent victims of torture


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    It's not 'random'

    No Muslim is safe

    No matter their background, fame or achievements, these Muslims all know what it means to be “travelling while Muslim”.

    One man's challenge

    Muhammad Rabbani

    Like many Muslims, he had to go through this before, at least 20 times in his case. This time, he refused to accept that travelling while Muslim should mean being treated like a criminal.

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